At the Healthy Skin Solutions, we use the Dr Michaels™ and Seloderma™ ranges of topical and oral medications to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. They are made in Australia from herbal materials, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.


This extensive range of medications allows us to create a treatment program that will address your unique physiological needs and triggers of disease. This, in turn, can help you to achieve remission of your skin condition and establish a platform for long-term management of your skin’s health.


The Dr. Michaels™ and Seloderma™ ranges of products are available exclusively from the Healthy Skin Solutions.


You can find out more about the Dr. Michaels and the range here: 


Safety Profile 

Our treatment protocols have been clinically trialed and tested in Europe by various institutions and Professors of Dermatology, over many years. All the blood tests, liver function tests, kidney function tests and biopsies undertaken on patients showed that the treatments are safe to use, even in Children.


The topical family of the Dr. Michaels / Soratinex Cleansing Gel, Scalp & Body Ointment and the Skin Conditioner has received EU Cosmetic Registration approval, one of the most comprehensive and rigorous registration processes currently in force, other than that for a medicine. These products have undergone Skin Sensitisation, Skin Irritation, Eye Irritation and Bacteria Mutation Testing as well as stability testing and Safety Assessment. All other topicals also undergo stability testing.


All Oral products are Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) AUST L listed and are manufactured under stringent conditions to meet international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. They have all undergone Stability Testing and Safety Assessment.