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Characterised by red, itchy, and dry skin, eczema can be a frustrating condition to manage. At Healthy Skin Solutions, our complementary dermatology specialists will provide you with a considered, tailored treatment plan to get to the root of your condition. 

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Understanding eczema

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a common chronic skin condition that is characterised by areas of skin becoming red, dry and itchy and in severe cases, skin may weep or bleed. Eczema is not contagious and usually appears in early childhood. The condition is hereditary and sufferers are more likely to also suffer from hay fever, asthma and allergies.
Although flare-ups can often appear to occur at random, they can usually be narrowed down to a number of internal and external triggers. Internal triggers include family medical history, food and alcohol sensitivities
and stress. External triggers include irritants such as chemicals (detergent, soap, perfume, shampoo), weather (hot and humid conditions or dry and cold conditions), and allergens such as pollens, pet hair, dust mites, clothing and grass.
There is no cure for eczema but there are many treatments and lifestyle changes that can help manage the condition.

As with many inflammatory skin
conditions the key to keeping eczema under control is identifying individual triggers and then ensuring the immune system is kept healthy and not overly reactive.


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Not only do we help Canberrans treat their dermatitis, but at Healthy Skin Solutions we also provide comprehensive treatments and management solutions for acne, rosacea, urticaria, psoriasis and much more. With all our patients, we ensure to tailor a treatment plan to their needs.

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